2024 SHEIN X Global Challenge

  • SHEIN X Luminara

    The collection was designed for a strong and, at the same time, delicate woman who seeks lightness, comfort, romance, and subtlety in her daily life. The collection was inspired by the lightness and movement of the modern woman, creating a representative collection with a sensual touch of femininity and innocence, combining the idea of ​​a casual look with an elegant and modern look.
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  • SHEIN X Pop Art

    United States
    Pop Art ! is a nostalgically modern fashion collection. Unique features include color blocking, bold colors, prints, and comic elements. The radiance in colors are truly eye-catching. Show off your style with some great statement pieces!
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    The collection is inpired by the Latin American aesthetic from 90s and 2000s fashion. It is made for women who want to dress in a street chic efortless way. In my path as a fashion designer, I always push myself to do greater things. I only see myself working with creativity with meaning.
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  • SHEIN X Radiance_

    Radiance is endlessly powerful. It's magnetic. It's light. It's positivity. It's feminine essence. That is why this collection is inspired by and designed for women—for every woman embracing her power, natural beauty, happiness, and self-expression. Bright and impossible to miss.
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  • SHEIN X Yuto Nomura

    My grandmother's experience as a teacher of painting with leaves in this collection has led me to constantly study leaves from an early age. What I like about plants is their overwhelming vitality and their beauty when that vitality is gone. By being influenced by plants and knowing the colors of their life force, I believe that this is the true meaning of the coexistence of humans and plants.
    913 票数

    As a child, I yearned for the transformative power of fashion, dreaming of a future bathed in glamorous radiance. This collection is not just about clothes; it's about the inner light that refused to be dimmed. It's about resilience, self-acceptance, and the enduring power of childhood dreams. Each garment pulsates with the radiance that shines from within, a testament to the journey from "wanting to be" to "BEING."
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  • SHEIN X Rozelle Boonzaaier

    South Africa
    Something to change you by giving yourself the confidence to express yourself.
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  • SHEIN X Luminescent Dream

    This collection is not just a series of clothes, but a sensory journey that invites the wearer to immerse themselves in a world of light and color, to celebrate life in all its beauty and complexity. I want to deliver an experience that inspires and elevates the spirit, inviting each person to embrace their uniqueness and explore the endless creative possibilities that life has to offer.
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  • SHEIN X detachment

    This project is a defiant stand against the multifaceted pressures imposed on women, highlighting the necessity to break free and reconnect with our true selves. It represents an internal voyage, a struggle within our minds and souls. Her clothing choices are a reflection of her comfort and security, unconcerned with others’ opinions.
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  • SHEIN X Fastlane

    Influenced by street style and the Y2K trend, the collection's concept is to captivate confidence and break away from the traditional. The collection promotes freedom of expression and the pursuit of celebrating one's identity. The Radiance theme is conveyed through chains and shiny embellishments that catch the eye and spark curiosity.
    1,720 票数
  • SHEIN X Believe in your own light

    With each cycle, with each season, the light of transformation emerges. In the dance of the stars, she shines, her own light shining upon the world. In the bloom of spring, its power radiates, bringing life.
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  • SHEIN X Acrilica

    Radiance-inspired pieces feature designs that reflect light and capture its transformative effects, while Impressionism-inspired elements bring a sense of fluidity and movement to the garments. Each garment exudes a sense of spontaneity and joy, inviting wearers to embrace their individuality and express themselves with confidence.
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  • SHEIN X Where Glamour Meets Natural Glow

    The collection seeks a dazzling fusion of glamour and natural beauty. Each item celebrates the light that emanates from within you. Embrace your inner radiance, dance in the elegance of simplicity, and illuminate yourself. The collection captures the vibrant spectrum of life, where glamour harmoniously intertwines with the organic essence of linen, forming a radiant narrative of self-discovery and celebration.
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  • SHEIN X Flora Carnival

    In a utopian carnival of the Brazilian tropical jungle, three flower-women illuminate the grand celebration as goddesses—mystical creatures who embody women radiating their beauty, self-confidence, magic, and above all, their happiness. The collection reflects my worldview where flowers are grand, radiant, and exuberant, just like great women.
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  • SHEIN X dream

    This collection is a reminder not to accept less than we deserve, creating a life full of sparkle, pursuing what we believe in, and what makes us feel fulfilled and unique. In life, everything begins with a dream, something that will bring meaning to life. With the fear of failure, it's more acceptable to carry on like a dream so that the chance of making a mistake is zero. We need to put fear aside and take action.
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